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The 60 acre parcel

that is in the middle of Yellow Point is at serious risk of being logged. It can be accessed from the end of Long Lake Road on the south and Whiting Way and Roper Road on the northeast. This 60 acre forest is an endangered Coastal Douglas-fir/Dull Oregon Grape forest ecosystem and plays an important role in feeding the residential Yellow Point aquifer. Logging the property will have consequences that extend far beyond the property lines. The property has been acquired by a numbered company controlled by Coastland Wood Industries (Coastland) owners and executives, a producer of veneer and round wood products. Coastland has estimated that logging the property will provide their mill with wood fibre for one to two days’ worth of production activity. Community members have been in contact with Coastland and they are aware of the risks to our water and the ecosystems in our area. They don’t care. Please help us save this beautiful acreage as we fight to connect it to create an environmental corridor linking Hemer Park, Wildwood Eco-Forest, Yellow Point Bog Ecological Reserve, and Yellow Point Park through to the ocean.

For more information contact 250.245.8978

or to express your concern contact: the RDN at 250.390.6559

or Area A Director Alec McPherson at alecmcpherson@shaw.cage

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